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The Proof Is In the Pudding

The Allergy and Asthma Center - Dr. Rubina Wahid

PPC + Social Media + Web Design

Clients Now designed a powerful website and drove valuable traffic via Google AdWords and paid social media traffic. We were able to brand Dr. Rubina Wahid as the "allergy expert"and increase appointments by 3x.

Toucanny, LLC

Social Media + Web Design

Toucanny is a new age start up apparel company with only one purpose: Giving Back. The founders of Toucanny had a real passion for altruism and animals. They knew what they wanted to do, but didn't know how. Our social media experts, graphic design team, and e-commerce experts teamed together to make their dream a reality.

Envogue Spa and Salon

Social Media + PPC + Email Marketing

The owner and operator, Salma Hirani, understood marketing, but didn't have time to implement her ideas. This is where we stepped in. We devised a cross platform strategy that utilized her 8,000+ contact email list and retargeted her customers. Our efforts increased recurring customer revenue by 38%. 

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Villa Di Maria Montessori

Social Media + PPC + Email Marketing + Web Design + Branding + Video Production

Villa Di Maria Montessori's owners had just opened their first location and needed almost the full suite of services offered by Clients Now. Our expert videography and photography team along with with our graphic design team and experienced marketers ensured that their business launched without a hitch.

Fort Bend Voters League

Web Design

The Fort Bend Voters League was undergoing restructuring and needed help redesigning their website. Clients Now stepped in and delivered a beautifully designed website catered to FBVL's specific needs and requirements. Our graphic design team was integral in designing a functional yet aesthetically pleasing website for this organization.

Dr. M.M Alam

PPC + Web Design

Dr. M.M Alam is an incredibly experienced doctor who required Clients Now's expertise to be able to offer his expertise and help more people. Our team of expert marketers, web designers, and graphic designers was able to successfully tackle this problem by launching comprehensive Google Adwords campaigns and designing a simple, yet alluring website. He was able to see improvements across the board as a result of these efforts.

The Saffari Dental Center - Dr. Bahman Saffari

PPC + Web Design + Branding

The Saffari Dental Center has a very clear goal: To help more people. Dr. Saffari decided to achieve this goal by utilizing our services. Clients Now realized The Dental Center's goal by running multiple comprehensive Google Adwords campaigns along with designing a new website. Our graphics team also helped to create a branded image for this doctor and further his efforts.

Islamic Arts Society

Video Production

The Islamic Arts Society is an organization with the goal of furthering artistic ambitions and efforts in the Islamic community. Clients Now understood this goal and offered its services. Using our expert videography team, we were able to create a breathtaking video for this organization that accurately portrayed their amazing legacy and goals.

Fairway Medical Clinic II - Dr. Murtaza Mussaji


Dr. Murtaza Mussaji knew exactly what he wanted for his Medical Clinic. He wanted to appear at the top of Google search results in his local area so that he could help more patients that were looking for help. As a result, our experienced team of marketers ran comprehensive Google Adwords campaigns leading to improvements across the board for this doctor.

Q for Sugar Land Political Campaign - Qaiser Imam

Social Media + Video Production

Qaiser Imam is a local Sugar Land politician who was running for office recently. He enlisted the help of Clients Now to further his campaign mission of helping families and individuals in the city. Our expert marketing team and videography team combined their efforts to create comprehensive digital  campaigns and content for this aspiring politician.

A2Z Income Tax, Inc.

PPC + Web Design

A2Z Income Tax, Inc. is a local Houston-based financial firm. Their goal was to help people navigate through the confusing world of financials by leveraging the values of time and money to customers. Clients Now aided in this effort by running comprehensive Google Adwords campaigns and redesigning their website. Our team of expert marketers and graphic designers combined their efforts to create alluringly simple campaigns and a functionally pleasing website for this financial firm.

Nirvana Novelties and Gifts

Social Media + PPC

Nirvana Novelties and Gifts wanted to further their business goals by reaching a larger digital audience. Clients Now aided in their efforts by running comprehensive Google Adwords campaigns alongside other forms of social media management on services such as Facebook. WE utilized the expertise of our marketing team and graphic design team to ensure this business's success.